Mortgage and Refinance Calculators

Use the financial information you have on-hand to get answers to your mortgage and refinance questions.

Whether you want to better understand what kind of mortgage you can afford, compare rates between different types of mortgages or gain a better understanding of the benefits of paying off your loan early, these simple calculators can better prepare you for the mortgage application experience.

Featured Calculators

Plan your path from first-home to dream home with this selection of our most popular mortgage calculators.

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Which Is Better for Me: A 15- Or 30-Year Loan?

A 15-year term saves you a lot of money in interest over a more traditional 30-year loan. But, which option makes the most sense for you?

15yr vs 30yr Calculator
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How Much Home Can I Afford?

Use your income and other easily accessible data to see if the home you’re interested in is within your reach!

Affordability Calculator
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Am I Better Off Refinancing?

Is a refinance ultimately a better investment for you? Find out here.

Refinance Calculator
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How Much Will My Mortgage Payments Be?

Estimate your monthly mortgage payments with this helpful calculator.

Mortgage Payment Calculator